Recovery Cafe Lexington needs the support of individuals and organizations in our area as we continue to build a healthy, compassionate, and caring recovery community. Please consider donating, and spread the word to anyone else who is interested in sparking positive change in the lives of people in recovery.

Recovery Cafe Lexington is an IRS exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.

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Recovery Cafe Lexington is truly grateful to all of the individuals and companies who have made donations of their time and financial resources to help get the doors open, and all those who continue to help us spread the word about our mission and goals! Thank you all for your support!

Individual Sponsors / Partners

John R.
Nicole M.
Robert E.
Patricia M.
Jes W.
Rhiannon S.
Tarek M.
Lauren H.
John S.
Billie Jean W.
Robert C.
MaryEllen Z.
Meghan L.
Julie A.

Brittany R.
Nancy H.
Charlie M.
Alice D.
Mike K.
Aaron S.
Levi P.
Tim D.
Joshua M.
Payton C.
Justin C.
Gary Y.
Paul K.
Hannah S.
Loren K.

Piper W.
Paul C.
Ranada R.
Rick O.
David W.
Byron A.
Bonnie D.
Kerrie R.
Mark T.
Sara B.
Scott K.
Courtney H.
Cagri Y.