Recovery Café Lexington is a grassroots, peer-led organization. That's why we depend on people like you. By making a one-time or reoccurring donation, you help keep our community recovery sanctuary alive, right here in the heart of the Bluegrass. Your donation directly supports Kentuckians recovering from addiction, mental illness, and the trauma of street living. Make a contribution today to build a better community for us all.


RISE AS ONE Capital Campaign 

Recovery Café Lexington is growing! Since opening our doors during the pandemic just two years ago, we have grown our membership from 48 in 2021 to 110 in 2022. We’ve expanded our hours. We’re now offering six Recovery Circles. And we’ve even launched a second location!


What we’ve learned in our three years is that our community is hungry for a loving, healing refuge where recovery and coffee await.  We have also learned that we cannot do it alone. We need committed community partners and individuals to help us in reaching more people who need a place to belong. We need your help in lifting up our community as we Rise As One.


Recovery Café Lexington is launching a two-year capital campaign Rise As One to raise $1,500,000. With these funds we will Expand, Build, and Secure a brighter future for individuals on a recovery journey in Lexington. We will expand by procuring a permanent home for our second location; we will build a new industrial kitchen for food service and training; we will build equity through a Peer-Leadership training targeting minority communities, and we will secure our future through strategic savings.


Will you donate or pledge today?


Your support will be a huge help in expanding, building, and securing a future in which we all Rise As One.


Recovery Café Lexington

Billing Address



Bottomless coffee and tea service for two days


One delicious meal, serving twenty people in recovery


One cell phone with a month of service for a member


School for Recovery course or sober social event serving 40 people


One month of rent at a sober living home for a person in early recovery



"Recovery Cafe is my safe place. A place I can go to get warm, work on my crafts, and find help. I know you care about me. "

—James H. , member of Recovery Café Lexington

Our Supporters

Recovery Cafe Lexington is truly grateful to all of the individuals and companies who have made donations of their time and financial resources to help get the doors open, and all those who continue to help us spread the word about our mission and goals! Thank you all for your support!

Individual Sponsors / Partners

John R.
Nicole M.
Robert E.
Patricia M.
Jes W.
Rhiannon S.
Tarek M.
Lauren H.
John S.
Billie Jean W.
Robert C.
MaryEllen Z.
Meghan L.
Julie A.
Aaron G-G.
Amanda F.
Anna C.
Chris L.
Dania B.
Patty K.
Sarah H.
Shannon B.
Shiloh S.
Schmully L.
Spencer J.
Ted F.
Chris and Vicki C.

Brittany R.
Nancy H.
Charlie M.
Alice D.
Mike K.
Aaron S.
Levi P.
Tim D.
Joshua M.
Payton C.
Justin C.
Gary Y.
Paul K.
Hannah S.
Loren K.
Dave T.
David D. and Linda B.
Deborah W.
Devan R.
Eileen O.
Kyle J.
Laura W.
Logan H.
Martha D.
Max O.
Michael C.
Paige B.

Piper W.
Paul C.
Ranada R.
Rick O.
David W.
Byron A.
Bonnie D.
Kerrie R.
Mark T.
Sara B.
Scott K.
Courtney H.
Cagri Y.
Erin B.
Ethan R.
Ida W.
Jackson J.
Jason and Brittany R.
Jeff H.
Jennie C.
Jennifer F.
Joanie L.
Johanna B.
Joshua M.
Kara B. and Brian H.
Karema E.